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LPG Tank Testing

LPG Tank Testing - What you need to know. To comply with Australian regulations, LPG tank testing must be done every 10 years. By law, all LPG Tanks must be inspected, tested and certified by a licenced LPG operator with specialised LPG tank testing equipment to comply with Australian standards.

Liberty Auto Gas are the leading LPG Tank testing specialists in Perth with over 40 years experience in the Automotive LPG industry. We are a fully licenced LP Gas testing facility and all work is done in-house. That's right, our workshop is fully equipped with state-of-the-art LPG Tank testing equipment that many other workshops simply don't have.

Many other workshops, despite being able to work on LPG powered vehicles, do not have the appropriate LPG license or tank testing equipment so they bring the tanks to us for testing so ask the question, do you do the work yourself or outsource it to someone else?

Having your LPG tank tested isn’t just about meeting the legal requirements, it’s also about making sure your LPG fuel delivery system is operating correctly. A defective installation will lead to poor fuel economy, which will cost you money.

When you bring your vehicle to Liberty Auto Gas, you are assured of fully compliant LPG tank testing from a highly experienced and licenced LP Gas specialist.

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